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Park Street Research, LLC Research Services for Coroners & Medical Examiners Using Genealogical Research as a Forensic Tool to identify  Next-of-KinPark Street Research
is a partnership 
of two professional
Genealogists with over 45 years of combined research experience. 

We do all of our own research and share a passion for  using Genealogy Research as a Forensic Tool 
to assist Coroners & Medical Examiners. 
Park Street Research identifies and locates surviving Next-of-Kin for Coroner and Medical Examiner cases where the name of the deceased is known, but the identity of the Next-of-Kin is unknown. We do not contact family members, friends or employers of the deceased.

We work all cases using a team approach, perform 100% of all research in-house, and co-write all NOK Case Summary Reports.  
Park Street Research, LLC, limits all casework  to requests from Coroners, Medical Examiners and other Law Enforcement agencies.

We do not accept requests for Family Tree or routine genealogy projects.

Our Researchers:

Marcia K. Bignall

Marcia has been involved in genealogy research most of her adult life and has developed a special interest in forensic genealogy.
In 2005, Marcia established Park Street Research, LLC, as a genealogy business.  
She lives in the Tidewater area of Virginia and is an  active landscape and wildlife photographer. 

Donna Martin-Netherton RN, NP (ret.)

Donna has been more actively involved in genealogy research since she retired after 26 years practicing as an RN/Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in Saudi Arabia, California, Arizona, Oregon and Iowa.  She has been a partner at Park Street Research, LLC, since 2009, and also has an avid interest in researching forensic genealogy cases.   
Donna lives in southeast Iowa with her husband, Dale.

Since 2009, Marcia and Donna have successfully completed over 850 cases for various Coroners  
and Medical Examiners in several states including California, Georgia, Texas, Florida and Nevada.  

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        Members of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG)
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